Friday, April 24, 2009

Recipe for Calming Lavender Lemonade

Well, now that spring has finally arrived we're preparing for the transformation that is taking place all around us. The children have witnessed the ice melting, the ground thawing, snow turn to soft water drops falling on their faces, and then finally the putting away of snowsuits! Yippee!! Sara continues to encourage each child to become active agents and observers of the world around them, and they've discovered such beautiful things in the past month. They've explored rabbit themes around Easter, have witnessed the building of a Robin's nest on the back porch of the clinic, assembled and painted their own bird houses to hang on the yurt trail, and learned that charcoal from our fire pit can be used for art and drawing projects. Sara has also incorporated a contemplation/meditation time at the back of the clinic in the morning and once in the afternoon in order to encourage each child to breathe in the environment, listen to the sounds, and identify how their own bodies are feeling that day. It's so amazing watching five three year olds sitting down and pondering the beauty of this world. In fact, one day a child "shhhh'd" me as I spoke a little too loudly and interrupted his quiet time.

So, on that note I thought I'd share a recipe for calming lavender lemonade that we will begin making now the weather is warming up. Start checking our blog often, as our weekly programs and menu will soon be shared with our Forest Preschool Parents.

Calming Lavender Lemonade:
-juice of 12 lemons
-4 cups of water
-four sprigs of lavender (or one tea ball of lavender buds)
-honey to taste

Let lemonade sit overnight with lavender in. Enjoy the refreshing, calming treat!