Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Here we are in May already! We have been so busy enjoying transformations at the Forest Preschool.

We remind Parents and Community that we have two spots for Fridays until September. Please confirm which days you will be keeping as there are many families waiting for a place for their child.

In April, the children rediscovered variety on the ground as the snow blanket receded. Fungi and water were our favorite subjects for exploration. We got wet every day - sometimes twice!

In May we are identifying many new plants and flowers - like our old friend, poison ivy as well as blood root and wild betony to name a few. The bugs are back and we are studying them to better understand their life cycle. The children are so strong and hike with such confidence in the woods. It is a joy to wander with them.

Sara is busy with parent "Walk and Talks" as she introduces parents to the wonders of the Forest that their children have walked and talked about. It is a great opportunity for parents to discover exactly where the adventures occur.

Please contact me directly should there be any questions. Happy Spring!