Monday, June 22, 2009

Memories from last week:
-A beautiful butterfly fluttering around the children for five minutes, and then perching itself on a twig between them, allowing itself to be examined and adored by their little eyes. We were able to identify the colors; black and white with blue specs on the top and red specs on the bottom
-A child discovered that our apple trees have finally started to grow some apples, albeit small and probably very, very sour! We watched the apples for a while, then sat under the apple tree to see what the view was like from underneath
-We discovered a quartz rock in the Forest, and took our rakes up to do some digging and clearing of leaves. We were quite surprised and excited to find little quartz crystals that we then put in our pockets and gave a crystal bath
-We went in the garden to explore what vegetables have been recently planted, in preparation of painting the garden stakes the following week
-We continued having amazing afternoon naps in the yurt, and had a woodpecker come join us a couple afternoons on a nearby dead tree, who seemed to be disturbed that it wasn`t invited for our quiet time
-We sat under a large oak tree on our sports field and watched the clouds change colors, move quickly about as the winds began to howl, and the rain pitter-pattering ever so lightly. We were protected under the tree, so we sat there for 45 mins telling tall tales of animals who sought shelter from thunder and lightening

Ahh, this list could always go on. It was a beautiful week, and now that the summer is finally here we`re looking forward to the black flies finally being gone! Hello pollinators and good-bye black flies!