Friday, November 12, 2010


By Sara Rocio Raeesi-Gujani

Wow! In light of the disappearance of the colour from the woods, the children are asking: How hot is below zero? And where the colour of the leaves has gone?
“They become treasures!” answered the Lion.
The last Friday of October the Forest Preschoolers very creatively dressed up and started their daily voyage into the woods. They were the Wizard, the Lion, the Lady with the Cat in the Hat, and all the Wild Little People from the woods. They only wished for the magical transformation of the colour of the leaves into sweet treasures!
“Let's go for a sweet treasure hunt!” suggested the Wizard. All went off with a map in their hand and with the desire to explore and conquer candy land. After climbing trees, crossing ponds, creeks, going through the milkweed fields and entering caves and shelters, they emerged from the big great forest with pinecones, acorns, all sort of sticks, rocks, dry grasses, leaves, and pockets empty of sweets.
They were very persistent! As successful and brave explorers always do: They very decisively changed their route. This time, with map and compass in hand, they headed north, crossed a small path and entered a glass garden, from there; they spotted a rabbit and a wooden house with a big green door and a golden knob. They opened, entered and closed the door very quietly. “Which way should we go; around the corner or down the stairs?” they asked softly. The Lady with the Cat in the Hat took charge.
“Let's go down the stairs!” she said. Once down there, they turned right and entered a wavy tunnel. There, they saw no one but only white doors and empty entrances. As they quietly but happily moved on, they saw a big great room at the end. They couldn't go around it. They couldn't go under it. They couldn't go over it. There was no way they could climb it either!
“What we should do?” the Wizard softly whispered.
“We must go through!” commanded the Lady with the Cat in the Hat. In the blink of the eye all Forest Preschoolers found themselves in front of three great people. And immediately, took possession of their attention!
“Surprise! Trick or treat!” they happily exclaimed. Despite their efforts and their strategy, there were no sweets to be found yet. With great disappointment, they were each given small pieces of precious mineral [mica]. In their quest for sweet treasure, they set off Good Will Hunting to the next door. There they found, not sweets at all, but instead, very kindly and softly, they were offered two animal cookies each!

Peter and the Wolf- November Celebrations- Children's National Day

November is already full of wonder and excitement!
This month there are various themes to explore and investigate. It is also a month of celebration and reflection. November investigations will include the study of themes from the musical tale: Peter and the Wolf by the Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev. The story will be told using various mediums: reading aloud, storytelling, and character representation. Various topics of interest will be discussed: friendship, cooperation, team work, and animal rights. We will investigate the life of the wolf. Through games we will recreate how wolves survive and how they communicate. We will deconstruct the meaning of hunting, predator and prey. The concept of food chain and food webs will be introduced. Musical instruments identification activities will be included.
There will be plenty of activities related to November Celebrations in Canada and around the World. For example: on November 11 we will be discussing the meaning of peace and will be joining the Clinic's team at 11:00 AM to celebrate Remembrance Day. There will be also special activities to celebrate Children's National day [November the 12]. We will be reading a children's book about children's rights and will be creating and recreating the children's rights through various art mediums. Overall, there are a variety of activities for all the children: juniors and seniors.
Specific activities are posted in the bulletin board. Parents are welcome to participate and collaborate with materials, resources, ideas, and skills. Please join us in our Good Will Hunting!