Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The children's connection with the nature continues to grow as our program honours each child’s unique gifts, wisdom, and passion to learn what they truly desire to learn; therefore we encourage fun, safety, creative thinking, problem- solving skills, perseverance, confidence, and self-sufficiency.
Now that most of the leaves are in synergy with gravity and everything has fallen in nature, the children where enquiring why some trees lost their leaves and others not. They have thought that perhaps the trees can be divided in two groups: the “losers” and the “not losers", or “because of cold and the wind trees lose their leaves" and "trees become "bare naked" but "pine trees never ever lose their leaves because they become Christmas trees". These were among the children's theories on why some trees lose their leaves and others not.
December’s experiences and learning opportunities for the children will be to discover their own answers about why trees are losing their leaves from studying trees. The pedagogical theme for December is “BARE NAKED AND EVERGREEN TREES” or Deciduous and Coniferous Trees.
Parents are welcome to share time, talents, and resources in celebrating and honouring trees.