Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another beautiful week of Sunshine

Wow, the weather this Monday and Tuesday was surely in our favour! The children were troopers this week as they explored the concept of opposites, such as hot and cold, and completed the activity of creating their very own ice candles. They were very quick to describe other opposites and we were surprised to hear their description of so many 'feeling' words in this description. What an emotionally-aware bunch we have on our hands.

Both Jamie and I were very happy this week to see the children enter into a new transition level into the program; it seems as if they are really grasping and enjoying the quiet time in our days, are learning to sing most of our regular songs, and are learning to walk for longer periods unassisted then in previous weeks. We took this opportunity to acknowledge each child and tell them how proud we are of their latest feats.

We would also like to take a moment to thank all our volunteers who've been so fabulous to us in recent times; from sharing vehicles, to baking muffins, to cooking and preparing lunch...we are blessed by this help! We'd also like to announce that we have another volunteer coming on board on Monday's to assist in cooking for the Forest Preschool, which assists us greatly in focusing our efforts on programming and getting more children for the Preschool. Yeah to fabulous help!

Lastly, now that the program is in full swing and we're getting busier and busier, I'd like to remind parents that we'd like to be more consistent with payment schedules and the receiving of cheques. If you could please write them out the Carp Ridge Learning Centre, and hand them to Marlene directly on the first of each month for the month ahead we would greatly appreciate this effort for our own organizational efforts. Please see me if you have any further questions.

To conclude, Freya Struthers (LC Director) will be in India on vacation for three weeks beginning this Saturday. I will be on site from Monday to Friday for any questions and we wish her a very joyful and peaceful holiday!

Until next week, Marlene

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