Friday, January 9, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

Well, Christmas is over and we've finally taken down the decorations on our outdoor Christmas tree. The children had so much fun looking for the tree, decorating it, singing carols, and then rediscovering that it was still up after the holidays. Alas, Jamie has cleaned and next week the children will probably come up with some imaginative story about how the animals loved the decorations so much that they decided to take them away!

The past couple of months have been filled with beautiful and busy beginnings; from forming relationships with our new children and families, to learning how long it takes to put on seven childrens' outdoor gear. With logistical lessons in tow, we've finally come to a place where blogging is a realistic and worthy weekly goal. On this blog you will find some insights into what your children do from day to day, as well as memos that need to get out to parents such as supplies they may need or volunteers being requested.

To summarize the past two months, we have turned a fallen log into a pirate ship, created our very own nature playground by turning a hill into a half-dozen or more slides, made jewelry out of crystals after finding a quartz crystal on our hike, finger painted in the yurt, sang songs, climbed snow mounds that magically turned into mountains, and so much more! The children have been so inspiring, so alive, so has truly been the best affirmation that we're on the right path.

Within the next two months we will see our bus or van option come to life from downtown Ottawa, we will continue recruiting more children into our full time preschool through a new marketing strategy, and we will start our Families in Nature Program on the first Sunday of February between 10-12. We look forward to posting on the blog and encourage feedback in every way possible.

To a magical-outdoor 2009!

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