Friday, February 26, 2010

Food for the Forest Preschool

Here is our meal plan so you will know what yummy things we are eating each day. The menu will be flexible with the seasons and may rotate for variety. Right now we are enjoying lots of soups and pastas. Snacks may be flipped for each day and soup, stew, pancake, muffin, cookie and "brownie" recipes may be posted at a later date. We will not be serving meat and on Mondays we do not serve dried fruit (including raisins), nuts, peanuts and seeds. Rice milk, rice crackers and rice cakes are provided daily.
Snack #1: Rice cakes and Apple slices
Lunch: Spiral rice pasta with pureed lentil sauce (veggies and beans), muffins or cookies
Snack #2: Veggies or fruit & dip
Snack #1: Veggies & dip or no-nut butter and rice cakes or crackers
Lunch: Homemade soup or stew, corn bread/muffins, fruit
Snack#2: Muffins or cookies with spread, fruit
Snack #1: Pita/hummus or black bean dip & fruit
Lunch: Buckwheat Pancakes or egg dish with soygurt/syrup, fruit
Snack#2:Veggies & dip or no-nut butter on rice cakes
Snack #1: Fruit, muffins or cookies
Lunch: Hot pasta or soup, roasted veggies, cookies
Snack#2: Muffins (Baker's choice)
Snack #1: Muffins, cookies, brownies and fruit
Lunch: Cook's Choice of soup or stew, veggies and cookies
Snack#2: Rice cakes or crackers, veggies and dip
Snack #1: Fruit and muffins or brownies or cookies
Lunch:Tuscan Bean and Vegetable soup with brown rice noodles, fruit
Snack #2:Veggies and crackers with mashed avocado
Snack #1:Apple slices and mini muffins
Lunch:Oven fries, grilled vegetables, tofu sticks or bean cakes, fruit
Snack #2:Hummus with rice cakes and veggies
Snack #1:Rice cakes with no-nut butter, fruit
Lunch:Steamed vegetables (carrots, zucchini, broccoli, kale) bean cakes or spaghetti
Snack #2:Muffins or cookies
Snack #1:Veggies and dip, rice cakes
Lunch:Soup or casserole, veggies and dip, fruit crisp
Snack #2:fruit with hummus and dip or no-nut butter
Snack #1:Muffins or cookies, fruit
Lunch:Red lentil and carrot soup with basmati rice or noodles, veggies and hummus
Snack #2:Fruit with no-nut butter

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