Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Autumn Mother Nature Provocations

By Sara Rocio Raeesi-Gujani

Wow! Green has disappeared in the woods and the light has reflected a rainbow of colours back into our eyes!

All Change in the Mystery Woods

All Change in the Mystery woods: it was misty morning in the mystery woods.
The Fog hugged the trees and the tree tops disappeared absorbing all noise.
So, no sound could be heard:
No rustling leaves or cracking branches, even the birds were quiet.
Everything was still and peaceful, everything looks like a photograph.
Then, in a flash! The silent was shattered by a huge bang!!
What was happening?

(Author: unknown)

Suddenly, everything was in motion: Summer was gone! Cold days began, colour appeared in the woods, leaves started to fall, and a magical force brought everything and everyone at the Forest Preschool down to Earth.


Celebrating Bio-Cultural Diversity

All Colours of the Earth by Sheila Hamanaka invited the children to start to explore and investigate: Why the colours of the earth reflect the colours of the world?

We will start by exploring the colours of the forest and the meaning of the season. We will discuss why the leaves change colours. Then, we will explore with light and shadow play. We will study camouflage, markings, and will discuss how these might help animals survive in the wild. Further we will investigate Carp Ridge natural resources and will identify some. For example: animals, rocks, minerals, edible, medicinal, and poisonous plants. We also will be investigating the variety of construction materials used in Carp Ridge buildings.
Most importantly we will be sharing our cultural roots and/or our experiences traveling to other cities, towns, and, countries. We will investigate the meaning of our names. We will study the cultural and linguistic diversity at Carp Ridge and the diversity of food prepared in our kitchen. The children will visit the kitchen and have snack and a conversation with Cindy about food and how she decides our meals. We also will be harvesting some vegetables in our garden.
Finally, we will discuss our favourite music and will explore music and variety music instruments. We will be making musical instruments using materials found in nature.
Parents are encouraged to participate and to share ideas and materials. For example, families can create a family picture book and a family tree (add stories and the name of places visited). We can share resources (world maps, musical instruments, postcards) and any other materials related to our October celebration. For details on specific activities please visit our bulletin board and our book and resource display.
Happy Bio-Cultural Diversity Celebration!
I will back on Tuesday October 26.

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