Monday, August 31, 2009

Four Seasons Under our Belt!

We have officially been here at Carp Ridge for one year now; having started our outreach for the Forest Preschool in Aug '08, our pilot project up on October '08, and having started up the full time preschool in March '09! We have learned so much from each season, the adventures/gifts/challenges offered to us by Mother Nature. We are looking forward to continuing to implement our program with each of these things in mind.

As September is here, we have two children who will be leaving the program to attend kindergarten...Laurel and Norah! We'd like to wish them so much luck and happiness at school and let them know that it was such an amazing treat having them here. Their ideas, excitement, stories, dreams, and sense of adventure were such great gifts for all the adults and children on site. We welcome visits, and hope to see them at our Camps during school breaks and the summer holidays.

In light of their departure, we have already filled the open spots with people on our waiting list. We look forward to transitioning them into the program, and will officially welcome them into the group after their first few programming days. Stay tuned!

Lastly, parents are reminded that September payments are due this week during your childs first programming day. Also, please don't forget to take your blankets home with you (once a week for full time children and once every second week for part time children) for periodic cleaning. Other than that, thank you so much for your help in keeping our bins organized and your child's gear in the appropriate place. We appreciate all these efforts! Additionally, I will be posting some Forest Preschool pictures on our blog very soon, and our Forest Preschool video will be posted on our website. If parents have NOT signed a photo consent form please let me know and I can leave one for you with Sara.

Kindest, Marlene

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