Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello Heat, Good Bye Mosquitoes

Welcome back, after our two weeks closure! We really missed all the children on site, but we were happy to clean out the Learning Centre, organize a better transition zone for parents in our front entrance, and set out our goals for the upcoming months. Here are some notices for parents that will assist us in keeping our LC clutter-free and our program running smoothly on a daily basis:
  • Each child now has a bin labelled with their name on it. When you drop off your child in the morning, please take clothes, comfort item, etc. and place in basket. If your bag is small enough to fit in bin, feel free to leave it there as well. If it's larger, please take it with you into your car.
  • Each child has also been assigned a hook at the front door. Please hang their jackets, rain gear, sun hats, and boots/shoes at this site.
  • Water bottles can be given directly to Sara for her carrying bag.
  • PLEASE put sunscreen and bug spray on children at home prior to arriving at preschool. You no longer need to bring sunscreen and bug spray with you in your child's bag, as we will be providing Sara with a communal bug spray and sunscreen for Sara to put on the children at several intervals throughout the day.
  • Children only need one small blanket for sleeping at the Forest Preschool. If you have sleeping bags, or any large blankets on site, please replace them with one thin blanket as soon as possible. We will occasionally do sleep-outs and will request camping gear, but they are much too large for our Learning Centre.
  • Parents should be taking their child's blanket home once a week for cleaning if they are full-time, and once every two weeks if they attend part-time.
  • Our catering started last week, and the children have been very happy with the meals as well as the lunchboxes they come in. If your child is talking about these boxes, and you'd like to purchase one, they are for sale at Credible Edibles in Ottawa.

Please don't hesitate to call or write with any questions. Also, a note to parents who observed the mosquitoes last week...the heat over the weekend has seemed to help and we're hoping for fewer and fewer mosquito bites in upcoming days. Cheers, Marlene

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