Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'Fire Building 101'
Children learned that a fire needs air and wood to stay alive
Children strayed from fire momentarily to explore, and when I let them know the fire was dwindling, Coleman repeatedly said "Thank you, thank you, thank you Marlene for keeping our fire alive!"

Children hanging out in the shelter they helped build over the summer months with our campers. It was amazing to see how each child intereacted differently with the shelter. Some explored it by going inside, others started taking it apart to see how it was constructed, others stood outside and watched, and the remainder ran around it playing games.

'Snacks and Igloos, perfect Combo'
Snack Time near the 'sacred space.' We have a Shaman Group that comes on site once a month to perform a Sweat Lodge. Now that the winter is coming, the tarps have gone back on, and the children explored it and magically turned it into their very own igloo. Griffyn talked about his family who lived up North, and the other children learned about other cultures who live and sleep outdoors in ice homes.

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